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DST stands at the verge of the revolution of web-based business. In Internet edge, everyone is looking for online presence. Endurance of a worldwide business or targeting online industry without a website is completely impossible in this growing IT trend. The website has become an integral part and play a vital role strengthen your corporate identity on the World Wide Web. At DST, being a professional web application development company helps you for professional web application and website development. Our core competency lies in .NET development so far. While developing our key areas of focus would be analyzing the web application needs, defining the web application architecture, development, testing & quality analysis for usability and better visibility.

Customized Web Development
Internet Application development
e-Commerce Website development
Shopping Cart Solution
Payment Gateway System Integration
Web CMS (Content Management System)
e-Business applications and
OScommerce solutions
Flesh Web Development
Fast loading web site
Highlight Core products, easy to find
Professional Presentation
Easy function operation
Online credit card transaction and validation
Secure credit card facility (SSL)
Efficient & Quick Product Response
Database manager for customer quality control and interaction
Comparatively reduced service costs
Easy website navigation structure
Hire and negotiate choosing appropriate skills to meet objectives
Dynamical project processes management
Prompt Interaction with the team member
Privacy and confidentiality
Long-term business relationship
Database manager for customer quality control and interaction

Basically .NET Framework is the development and execution environment that give the flexibility to most of the programming languages & libraries to work as a group seamlessly for creating desktop / Windows platform, Web or Mobile applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy with stand-alone and networking based applications. The .NET Framework consists of The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Framework Class Libraries (FCL). Visual Studio is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating programs in one of many languages.

Microsoft Corporation appeared a pioneer in Web Services technology after releasing .Net architecture framework. .Net framework is a brilliant combination of traditional MS technologies and modern Web Services model. Well, the .Net architecture is reliable, scalable and trustworthy. It represents a big step towards web and software interoperability, which makes true software integration finally possible.

We can provide you following professional asp.net application development:

Content Management System (CMS)
Ad Management ASP.NET application development
MS-SQL and ASP.NET Custom Web Application Development
Email List Managers ASP.NET Web Application Development
File Management ASP.NET & MS-SQL Application Development
Guest Book ASP.NET Web Application Development
Custom Website Development in ASP.NET & MS-SQL
Directory Web Application Development in ASP.NET
E-Commerce Web Application Development in ASP.NET
User Management Web Application Development in ASP.NET
Vote & Questionnaire ASP.NET Web Application Development
Custom Web Utilities Development in ASP.NET
Super Secure ASP.NET Web Application Development
Mobile Web Application Development
XML Web Application Development in ASP.NET
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Web Application Development in ASP.NET
Web Services based Application Development
SOAP based scalable application development
Our ASP.Net software development services
Languages: VB .NET, Microsoft VC++, C#
Web Technologies: XHTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, VB Script, JavaScript, ASP.Net, Internet Information Server (IIS)
Databases: MS-SQL Server 7.0, MS-SQL Server 2000, MS-SQL 2005, MS Access, MySQL

Web databases vary greatly in function and complexity from collecting visitors' email addresses to storing and retrieving thousands of banking transactions. As the Internet matures, it is becoming apparent, that huge amounts of data and information need to be retrieved and made easily available for an e-business to succeed.

Dynamic website content and the fast and easy navigation and retrieval of web information will give the competitive advantage that will create the difference between the success and failure of an e-business.

That said, it is imperative to analyze, design and develop a dynamic website to effectively meet the needs of each business and its customers. This requires understanding the business functions and designing the database to meet those needs.

If the design is well crafted from the start, it not only produces a faster and easier to use database, but saves development time and rework. Indiawebdevlopers.com specializes in building web databases as part of large scale projects. We will listen to your needs and develop a website "back-end" that will help your business succeed. Our designers and programmers can produce a variety of reliable and efficient databases. This custom web database design, development and integration will represent a substantial part of the development time and costs for B2C and B2B websites.

B2C Websites - Online Product Sales Business to consumer sites is generally database-driven e-commerce sites where products are displayed in an online catalog and are stored in a database. Typically, hot new products are pulled from the database and displayed on the homepage daily. The buyer can add items from the database to the shopping cart and prices held in the database will be totaled.

B2B Websites - Trading Communities Business to business sites is generally database-driven. Typically, these sites function when suppliers enter their name and services and buyers can search for the product or service based on matching criteria. This creates an Internet marketplace that bridges the gap between the traditional buyer and seller and creates a highly efficient marketplace. These B2B sites require quality databases. This back-end phase of web development represents about 75 percent of the total website development costs.

More responsive, interactive in nature and visually appealing, websites and applications are the demand of the day. rich internet applications (RIA) are helping businesses speed up their processes creating a better experience for the end users. With advanced features, it adds richness to an application bringing out the best web technology for the end-users.

Rich internet applications are being increasingly used and the demand in the industry is growing. Embodying the features of the traditional desktop applications, RIA is created with the help of technologies like Ajax, Java, XUL, Macromedia Flash and Flex, Oracle Forms.

The benefits of RIA are undeniable. The biggest advantage being that there is no need to “refresh” the page again and again. This is leading to higher customer satisfaction and ultimate increase in revenue. Apart from this, RIA works on asynchronous mode which reduces network traffic and brings forward a better performance. It helps businesses to communicate efficiently especially those in e-business to check on order details and accounts.

At Binary we analyze your needs and requirements for RIA and create an innovative solution synergized with the best technology. Our team will efficiently customize the overall look and feel of the application. Once ready, it is tested and monitored from the end-user’s perspective to ensure that you get quality results.

Application Benefits:

Add value to your applications
Meet your customer expectations
Simplify & speed up processes
Get regular and dedicated visitors
Save costs on Bandwidth
Increase your productivity

Binary Semantics has a group of highly resilient people who absorb all your problems and convert them into meaningful solutions to meet business requirements. We provide for your customers a new and improved face to your legacy applications.