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What is CFS

A facility where freight shipments are consolidated or de-consolidated and staged between transport legs. A CFS is typically located in proximity to an ocean, port, or airport, where cargo containers are transported to and from. The term CFS at loading port means the location designated by carriers for the receiving of cargo to be loaded into containers by the carrier. At discharge or destination ports, the term CFS means the bonded location designated by carriers for devanning of containerized cargo.

CFS Process

One of the most common situations in which a business will require the services of a container freight station is during the import and export process. If you purchase your goods within a foreign country, they will all be consolidated at a container freight station while awaiting exportation. Unless you’re dealing with a massive volume of goods, other customer’s goods will be stored in the same container.

Essentially, container freight stations play a vitally important role in both importing and exporting. They create a centralized location for suppliers to send the products that have been ordered. They also act as a staging area before massive, often multi-million dollar shipments are transported.

Since container freight stations are typically used within the import and export process, they are commonly found by airports and harbours. They can also be found near major railway hubs, as railroads are used to distribute goods once they’ve been imported.

Import Process

IGM Form

Gate In


BOE Form

Seal Cutting Permission

Vehicle Entry



Supplementary Invoice

Gate Pass Form

Gate out Form

Seizure Form

Export Process

Cargo Intimation


Movement Order


Gate Pass

Shutout Invoice

Shutout Gate Pass

Gate Out Form

MIS Reports